The current generation of electric fireplaces is remarkably realistic; requiring no venting, they can be installed nearly anywhere since only access to an electrical outlet is required.

Electric fireplaces are very popular for apartments, condos, and bedrooms. They are a great alternative to homeowners without gas service to their homes and/or for people who simply want to have an "easy" fire with or without heat production.

Electric fireplaces have different applications: built-in (i.e. installed inside of a wall or cabinet), insert (i.e. installed in an existing fireplace), wall-mount or free-standing. They have different looks, shapes, media options (e.g. traditional logs vs. contemporary glass) and even flame colors. The choice of a particular application and style will depend on individual situation, room style, size restrictions and personal preferences. What they all have in common is the amount of heat they produce (about 5,000 BTUs) and their general power specifications.

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