Outdoor Firepits

Firepit is probably the first "tamed" fire known to mankind. Firepits served many purposes: cooking, heating, lighting and protecting from wild animals. In the modern world they are an ultimate symbol of luxury, style and ambiance.

Firepits are probably the most versatile fire feature in existence. They can be pre-manufactured or custom made; they can come in all shapes and sizes one can think of and some more; they can be as simple as match lit or can come with sophisticated electronic ignition and remote start.

Outdoor Fireurns

Fireurns are a great alternative to firepits; in fact, they are something in-between firepits and torches and can serve as either. They are more compact and don't require as much space as firepits.

Similarly to all gas fire products, fireurns can use either natural gas or liquid propane. Some of them are big enough to have space for a small propane tank (similar to those used in grills) eliminating the need to run gas lines and being able to put it virtually anywhere in your outdoor space.

Firepits & Enclosures

Firepit Burners

Pre-made or custom made firepit burners are a great way to get a unique look for one's firepit. They are perfect for masonry enclosures of all shapes and sizes.

The shape of the burner will be dictated by two factors: the shape of the enclosure and the flame pattern a client wishes to get.

Firepit Bowls & Finished Enclosures

The look of the firepit would be incomplete without a proper enclosure. The enclosures can be masonry or made of metal, custom-built or pre-fabricated.

The size and the shape of the firepit enclosure will dictate the shape and the size of the burner.

Unfinished Firepit Enclosures

Unfinished firepit enclosures are a great alternative to custom firepits.

They represent a basic firepit structure, which is often compatible with an assortment of pre-fabricated burners and can be finished with material of choice to create a unique look.

Firepit & Fireurn Media

Firepit media choices are not limited to conventional logs. To add a "twist" to a firepit look and make it fit a particular style, one can choose from lava rock, river rock or even glass of different colors, shapes and sizes.

We can assure you that there is a perfect media kit for every firepit or fireurn out there and we are here to help with selecting the right one!


Lava Rock

River Rocks