High-efficiency wood burning fireplace technology is probably one of the best fireplace industry has to offer. Nothing compares to the ambiance and feel of a real wood burning fire, which unfortunately comes at the expense of low heat production and high level of emissions. Wood burning stoves and inserts offer very high heat output and air circulation ability, but the viewing area of the fire is not very impressive.

There has always been a gap between efficiency and aesthetics in the world of wood burning fireplaces, which high-efficiency fireplaces have successfully filled. They offer the best of both worlds exceeding the strictest environmental standards at the same time.

Similar to standard wood burning factory-built fireplaces high-efficiency ones can have either circulating louvers or a "clean face" look. Since room air circulation is essential for high-efficiency appliances to function properly, decorative vents are installed to disguise heat vents and air intakes.

High-efficiency wood burning fireplace with venting diagram courtesy of RSF Fireplaces

Notes on Venting of High-Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplaces

Installation of high-efficiency wood burning fireplaces is very similar to that of regular wood burning fireplaces, just more complex. Because of the nature of this technology, there are additional venting pieces needed to distribute the hot air to other areas of the house and intake air for better combustion.

Since these fireplaces are highly efficient (just as the name implies) more severe restrictions will apply.

Going through all technical details of the project can be overwhelming, which is why we offer you our knowledge, expertise and unsurpassed service to guide you through this process.