Bromwell’s sells hundreds of fireplace appliances each year. We also provide consultation, installation and maintenance services for all products we represent.


Fireplace business has changed and evolved into a huge multifaceted industry with a number of different technologies and myriads of options over the past several decades. All these technologies and options have their own peculiarities and features that are often crucial in the decision making process; it is our job to make sure that all technical details are taken into account when working on each fireplace project.

We make it our priority to help our customers find the right solution to their unique situation. We provide the best education and technical knowledge as fireplaces and hearth products is all we do. We do not want to just sell our clients fireplaces, grills or fire features; we research their options, provide comprehensive overview of the situation and advise on the best and most efficient solution to a particular request.


We install wood burning fireplaces, inserts, and stoves; we are experts in all gas burning technologies including grills and firepits; we work on custom fireplace doors, surrounds and mantels on daily basis. We only install and service brands we sell as every manufacturer and every model will have its own peculiarities and features and we have to excel at knowing them to provide you with the best service possible.

To satisfy the large demand, ensure timely installations, and accommodate the somewhat seasonal nature of the product, we sometimes supplement our highly trained and experienced in-house installers with carefully selected, experienced independent installers we've worked with over the years.

Of course, many customers have relationships with their own plumbers or contractors who may be able to provide the necessary installation services.


The key to a long life of any appliance is maintenance; fireplaces and fireplace equipment are no exceptions to this rule. We advise that our customers regularly service their fireplaces, fire features and grills to ensure the appliances clean, operating in a safe mode at their full capacity.

Time lapse between service appointments will differ depending on the type of technology and how frequently and heavily it is being used. For instance, a rule of thumb for any gas appliance is to have it checked once in one or two years.

We service all the products we represent, so if you would like us to take a look at your fireplace and clean it or diagnose a problem and fix it, please click HERE to fill out a form and our service manager will contact you shortly afterwards.