ClipboardIt is very important to be prepared when you shop for any appliance for your house and fireplaces are no exceptions to this rule.

The questions below will help to steer you in the right direction:
  1. Are you upgrading the existing fireplace or do you want to install a fireplace where there is no fireplace currently?
  2. If you currently have a fireplace, is it masonry (i.e. made of brick or stone) of pre-fabricated (i.e. the firebox and the flue is made of steel)?
  3. Do you currently burn wood in the existing fireplace or do you have a gas appliance installed in it?
  4. If you don’t have an existing fireplace and would like to have one installed, would you opt for a wood burning or a gas fireplace?
  5. What is your ultimate goal: high-efficiency or ambiance and look?
What to bring with you:
  1. A picture of your fireplace (it will say a thousand words to us for you!).
  2. Firebox measurements (see the chart below).
  3. If you currently have a gas log set, insert or fireplace at home that you would like to upgrade/replace, bring all the information you have on that unit (e.g. original invoice, manual or name of the manufacturer and model number).
  4. If you are looking for a new glass door for your fireplace or a new front, you can also fill out this door measurement form as carefully as possible.

Firebox Measurement Sheet