Doors for Masonry Fireplaces

Glass doors for masonry fireplaces are multi-functional fixtures. They protect the room from chimney drafts and the heat/air conditioning escaping up the flue, which is often the case when a vented technology is installed during the wood-to-gas fireplace conversion. Read more about vented log sets and burners here.

Glass doors can pull together the look of fireplace serving a decorative purpose in additional to their functional features. They come in a variety of finishes with multiple styling options and we strongly encourage our customers to stop by our showroom so that our knowledgeable staff can navigate them through the ocean of options.

Although we have quite a few glass doors in stock and sell "standard" or "off-the-shelf" type doors, most of the times glass doors are specially ordered or custom made as there is no such thing as a standard masonry fireplace and standard-sized/mounted doors do not always work.

See our glass door measuring guide here, fill it out, print it and bring it to our store along with a picture of you fireplace so we can help you with the search for a right product for you!

Doors & ReFaces for Manufactured Fireplaces

Glass doors and/or ReFaces for manufactured fireplaces are very different from those made for masonry fireplaces. When looking for a new "face" or a door for a fireplace, one needs to make sure what type of fireplace he/she has.

Glass doors and/or ReFaces are made for several types of manufactured fireplaces: pre-fabricated wood burning fireplaces (or pre-fabricated fireplaces converted from wood to gas), vent free fireboxes and fireplaces, and direct vent fireplaces.

Pre-fabricated wood burning fireplaces (or pre-fabricated fireplaces converted from wood to gas) can be radiant or louvered. Radiant fireplaces look almost like masonry fireplaces (i.e. they do not have almost any of its metal frame exposed) and they would have glass doors similar to those made for masonry fireplaces. Circulating pre-fabs have exposed louvers, which cannot be covered by any solid material. These fireplaces can have doors installed inside of their opening leaving the lovers exposed, or can have an entire front re-faced, hence the name of the product - ReFace. ReFaces incorporate a glass door and a brand-new steel frame with decorative/concealing cut-outs with mesh in place of old louvers.

Vent free fireboxes and fireplaces can also be radiant or circulating and glass/mesh doors and ReFaces can be made for them as well.

Direct vent fireplaces already feature a fixed piece of glass, so putting a glass door on top of a glass front is redundant. Direct Vent ReFace is a great way to add a fixed mesh screen or an entire new face to your direct vent fireplace.


Fireplace screens are essential for wood burning fireplaces: they protect from sparks flying out of the fireplace, keep the little hands and paws out and add a touch style to the focal point of the room. Most screens used are free-standing; they can be made in different shapes, sizes finishes and styles. Mesh screens can also be mounted to the fireplace opening (i.e. mesh doors and hanging mesh screens).

Freestanding Screens

Mesh Doors

Hanging Mesh Screens

Tools & Accessories

We sell a wide range of fireplace accessories and usually have quite a few items in-stock.If you are looking for something special to accent your hearth and fireplace, we also offer a big selection of customized or fully custom made options. Stop by our store to meet with our staff so we can guide you through the process and have you make an educated decision!

Tool Sets


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